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(no subject) [Jul. 10th, 2006|11:26 am]
[Current Location |mars]
[*MoOd* |hothot]
[*MuSiC* |idk ur mommma]

ok im going to write in here for my own amusemnt cause im bored as fuck. lalal so this week was pretty nice. wednesday me and chris went to six flags and noone was there so we sat on rides for like 3 times in a row and didnt even get up it was pretty cool.
than thursday i hung out with alex and we chilled at her house and watched her brother than came to my house and went in the pool and stuff and watched a movie than
friday. work and than i chilled with christopher and than.
i called in saturday morning and said i was sick but i went to a picnic with chris and his family and it was fun i rock climbed. and flipped on a bungee thing and rode the bull. it was a fun time. ate alot of food but it was cool.
sunday i drove down to the racetrack with mrs long joe. their cousin and mariele. it was fun. it was pretty cool watching the cars going like 220 mph down a track. it was crazy watching like the guys go down but it was pretty cool. than we just chilled at the long house and i went home and slept and i stil have to call work to them im not sick anymore. maybe one more day lol. okay that took up 2 minutes..goodbye
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(no subject) [Jun. 16th, 2006|11:39 am]
[Current Location |degf]
[*MuSiC* |mandy]

lala im bored. and felt like writing in here. becuase i just said so lala okay so umm yea what have i done interesting.
well wednesday i had my spanish test than stayed after for math review which was kinda boring but w.e. than i went home and slept than worked out and chilled and than picked up alex and we were gunna go bowling at melville but its being ripped apart so we went to farmingdale and we did really bad but it was fun. and we had no money but her credit card and we went pay for food at bellagios and they didnt take her card. it was funny than we walked around looking for some1 that takes discover and we asked 4 ppl at applebees and they said yea and than chris come and pays for it and ruined it. than we brought her home and almost died hah and went to his house than mine and chilled nd he went home and i slept

yesterday i took my math b regent which i hope i got over a 90 on than came home and worked out than went to nicky soccer practice nd chris came and than we went to get italian ice. than went to sunrise mall. than we saw the break up. it was really good but the ending was stupid but good so w.e. than we jsut chilled and thats pretty much the only exciting thing thats happend since like schools over. besides my dance recital which i fucked up and than going to nj that night nd going to partys. but yea. now i have to walk to work lal byee
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(no subject) [May. 20th, 2006|12:57 pm]
yea i dont update this veyr often but im bored and theres nothing to do so umm lalal lets see what has been interesting thurday i went to school than came home and worked and than i went home and showered and stuff and than chris came over and we chilled at my house and got some taco bell hah and than he slept over and than i woke up at like 6 and i couldnt sleep cause my bed is two square feet and chris likes to shove his ass out and knock me over hah so w.e than umm i left him sleep till like 10ish and i colored and watched a movie and ate icecream and pizza hah and than we chilled for like a little bit and than he left and i got ready and went to work and than walked home. thank god it didnt rain and than umm he came over and we went to sunrise mall and than went to target and than went bowling with chris and mariel and came back home and he watched a movie as i slept and than he left and i slept until like 1130 today and i woke up and was like fucker i didnt go to the party or w.e but o well than i took a shower and im waiting for jillian to come back to see if were hanging out today but w.e lalala
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(no subject) [May. 1st, 2006|06:59 pm]
so yea..umm this weekend was pretty fun i guess friday i came home and made a rainbow cookie cake with gene and than chris came over and we chilled and i think we watched a movie and chilled. but i really dont remember than at like 12ish we left and picked up ariele than drove to my aunts house and i went to sleep in the car and it was pretty nice than we got to my aunts house and ate some chips. listened to chris snore for about a half hour and went to sleep haha.
saturday got up at like 7 and got ready adn shit and we went to six flags. went on like 4 rides but it was nice. i lost my season pass but i can get a new one for 21 bucks so w.e. than we went back to my aunt house. chilled there for like an hour than went out to eat for my aunts birthday and i had like a really annoying head ache and i was really hot and couldnt like see. but thats was because i didnt eat all day so yea than we went back to her house. ate the cake and i went to sleep and than we left. and i slept again haha
sunday i woke up. took a shower. cleaned for like 3 hours and got storage bins and shit. but my room still looks the same but w.e. i watched rent and than went over to chris' house and just chilled there and than i went home and slept
and today was pretty good had off 2nd chilled with christina than the day went pretty fsst. had off 7th too. and than i went home. ate some food and went to go fill out and application at stuff a bagel but i got hired like right away. so that was nice i got a shirt. a little headband and an apron and i start 2morro as soon as i get home. so yay fun stuff. so now ill have money hopefully and im getting paid off the books so thats nice. and yea now im just chilled here waiting for my phone call. byee
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(no subject) [Apr. 24th, 2006|05:48 pm]
[Current Location |ecuador]

this weekend was nice. contained ALOT of chris but thats the best part. so friday after school he came over and we drove around for 15 minutes looking for a deli and their was 17 and we ended up going to the one closest to my house and than the sandwhich sucked but w.e so than we watched um american pie and than fought for like 5 hours and than we got some starbucks and chilled at my house and he left at..idk than saturday i woke up and just chilled at my house than at 1230 i left to go to chris' house picked up him and natalie.dropped nick and nat off at a party ana we went to the southsore mall and ate like 17 differnt things hah and than we went back to his house and than went to the longs 25th anniversary party. first i thought it was going to suck cause i didnt really know anybody but i started drinking and it got funner hah. these people were teaching me and chris how to dance and that was awesome and i drank soo much and ate like nothing but w.e so than we left around like 330ish and went to chris' house i was mad tired but didnt go to sleep for another like 2 hours or w.e than we woke up. at an apple. had wendys and went to sleep for another 3 hours. and than i had to do hw so i left at like 7 and than talked to him and went to sleep

and today was school and it went like idk not fast but not slow. but w.e it was just a normal boring day and than i had to go to teh dentist and i have 2 fucking more cavaties. like thats my what 14 hah but w.e im not going back to get them filed. thats my conclusion. ill just wait till they fall out and have no teeth. okay byeee
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(no subject) [Apr. 22nd, 2006|08:14 am]
eminem isnt a pop star. i havent bough a magazine in 2 years. and fuck you the disney channel rocks my fucking socks biitch
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(no subject) [Apr. 20th, 2006|05:35 pm]
[Current Location |japan]
[*MuSiC* |nfjdhnfg]

sorry that all i do is complain but w.e dont read this cause in the next 2 minutes im just gunna bitch but w.e. like people seriously need to grow up and realize their not in fucking 2nd grade. like if your not friends with someone why do you even bother with that person and fucking stupidly. like let me read all the comments someone writes to their boyfriend that i hate and im going to comment my boyfriend making fun of them. YOUR SO COOL I WISH I WAS YOUR FRIEND. like all of you that are most likely going to read this are friends with her but idc. its fucked up and childish. like i dont like you. get over it and get a life.

anyways..this week has been alrright off monday. than tuesday went back to school and didnt do too much. than wednesday had dance adn tlaked to jillian about quite a few things. and were getting out coustumes next week so im excited about that. than umm today i took senior pictures which was like odd the way tehy make u sit like it hurts after a while i could never be like a model or anything. but w.e and tommorrows friday which is awesome hopefully im going mini golfing and saturdya should be fun too. and idk what im doing sunday so if anyone wants to chill w.e.

lala okay im going to go take a shower..peace out biitchess
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(no subject) [Apr. 16th, 2006|09:11 am]
wow this is a boring easter morning but thats what happens when u wake up at..8 in the morning

so anyways this vacation has been pretty boring yet good. i hung out with chris everynight and did pretty much nothing in the day. monday we went out for a nice diner. got dressed up and shit it was fun. than went back to my house umm tuesday. he probably came over.wednesday i went to the mall with lisa and jill and than steph and timmy and his friends came and than we went to the movies. and me jill and lisa sat there and were extremely bored than chris came and than they all left like an hour later or so idk and than me and chris got starbucks and went back to my house and chilled than umm..thursday i dont even know what i did. mayb i baked. i baked alot of stuff during this vacation. it was pretty fun. but it kinda sucks waking up so early and than sititng around my house doing nothing than hanging out with chris at like 8 at night. thats bene pretty much my days. friday was okay i ran around getting stuff with my aunt than i amde pignoli cookies and than chris came over and we went to the movies and than just went back to my house. he scared the ever living shit out of me and then we fell asleep. and today im going to my aunts house so that should be fun because i love my family. their pretty awesome. and now i can eat candy and go on aim. which i rather not. cause like idk than its easier for people to talk to me and when i dont go on its easier for people to exclude me out of their plans cause i wont know about it. so w.e. i really dont care anymore. hopefully this summer ill go down to my family friends house in florida for a week or 2. cause i hate this town. and ill just travel alot cause my mom likes to. so why not. got nothing better to do so w.e. no im gunna eat my twizlers..bye
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(no subject) [Apr. 13th, 2006|04:27 pm]
so i dont really know whats going on for 2morro but i was planning on going to 6flags but noone gives me answers and i switch around my plans so i can go with certain people and i get fucked over so now idk if im going friday or saturday wow this vacation sucks ballsss. so if you can and want to go with me to 6flags your more than welcome too
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(no subject) [Apr. 10th, 2006|01:48 pm]
this is the most longest day of my entire lifeee


..the end
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